william chang belongs to a unique group of people who trace their ethnicity to china but make their home in india. four generations ago, his ancestors decided to take the long journey across borders, moving from one great country to another. their journey led them to our capital city, where four generations later, william chang was born. he is a multi-lingual, bi-cultural indian-chinese but all you need to do is to hear him speak street-punjabi and you'll see why he holds an indian passport.

william chang was brought up within the sounds, the smells, the lights and the noise of the quintessential indian city of new delhi. he spent his childhood studying in the heart of the city at st. columba's school, gawking at the cjm girls and bumming cigarettes outside the petrol pump. rest assured, he's quit doing both.

in his senior years of school, when most choose to take the path of the common, the ordinary and the mundane, william chose to take the road less travelled and decided to live his life behind the lens of a camera. he has chosen his passion as his vocation and has the luxury of a job without the burden of working.

to hone his craft and give skill to his passion, he studied photography at the light & life academy in ooty.
in a manner of speaking, he has lived his life looking through a lens, but it was only after he graduated in 2003 that he started shooting professionally in 2005. his work has taken him from deserts in rajasthan to palaces in oman. most of his work has been with the advertising industry in india and his journey has taken him across the country, working in diverse conditions on a number of projects with scores of leaders & professionals.

when he is not working on ads to make products look worth buying, he gives his time to what he enjoys shooting most. he shoots what he has termed "found objects", discovering art & beauty where an ordinary observer would see none. he is a photographer, an artist, a pilgrim and a journeyman who follows his instincts and is led by inspiration to showcase the world as he sees it, in its raw nakedness, its inspiring reality and its bare beauty.

i have known william for many years as a friend and as a brother. i have partnered with him on a number of projects and have experienced the pleasure of working with a professional and a friend. i commend him to you for his professional spirit, his artistic intent, his hard work and his winsome personality. he's reliable, responsible, trustworthy and professional. if you've got pictures that need to be taken, call him! it will prove to be a minimum-risk, maximum-result decision.

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